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Mathcom provides expertise and custom solutions in the areas of ...

Advanced Software Development

We provide expert help with all aspects of evolutionary software development: requirements analysis, design, development, docs, training, and support. We specialize in two broad areas of software:


We analyze and predict performance characteristics:
  • How fast will this system or unit perform?
  • What will be the bottlenecks?
  • What will be the effects of removing specific bottlenecks?
Similarly, for future systems being designed, we can determine:
  • How fast will this system or unit perform?
  • What will be the bottlenecks and how can we address them?


We provide solutions to optimize the scheduling of people, equipment, and plants. We provide operations solutions to maximize profit in situations with large numbers of variables such as process inputs and rates, commodity costs, product pricing, personnel schedules, external constraints, etc.

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