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Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis FAQ

Caution: this document is probably obsolete. Search the web for more recent information!

This is a summary of Internet-related resources for a handful of fields related to Scientific Computing, primarily:

  • scientific and engineering numerical computing
  • numerical analysis
  • symbolic algebra
  • statistics
  • operations research

    This FAQ is available at:

    Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Recent Changes
  • Acknowledgements
  • What is Numerical Analysis?
  • Indices of NA Software on the Net
  • NA Software Libraries on the Net
  • NA Software Packages on the Net
  • Commercial NA Libraries and Packages
  • Newsgroups for NA
  • Professional Societies for NA
  • Electronic Newsletters for NA
  • Electronic Journals for NA
  • Online Papers for NA
  • Miscellaneous Web Sites for NA
  • Books, With and Without Software, for NA

    Specialized Subfields Within Numerical Analysis:

  • Dense Linear Algebra Systems
  • Sparse Linear Algebra Systems
  • Random Number Generators (RNGs)
  • Function Evaluation
  • Finding Roots
  • Curve Fitting, Data Modelling, Interpolation, Extrapolation
  • Transforms (FFT, etc) and digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Wavelets
  • Integration and Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
  • Stochastic Differential Equations
  • N-Body and Particle Simulation
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and Finite Element Modeling (FEM)
  • Operations Research: Minimization, Optimization
  • Queueing Theory and Performance Analysis
  • Computational Geometry
  • Interval Arithmetic
  • Plotting, Graphics and Scientific Visualization

    Associated Fields:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Chaos Theory (Nonlinear Dynamics)
  • Symbolic Algebra
  • Cryptography (Cryptology)
  • Fractals
  • Neural Networks
  • Discrete algorithms
  • Constraints
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Simulated Annealing

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